Handmade Wood Cutting Boards, Chop Blocks, Bowls, Trays, Pedestals, Rolling Pins, Muddlers, Salt Cellars, Dip Boards, and more...

THE WOODEN PALATE was born of the belief that every kitchen and home needs more bespoke wood pieces and that every chef should love the board on which they serve their creations.  Eileen and Ryan design every board to last forever.  Each board is tested for integrity by Ryan in the wood shop, and further vetted by Eileen in the kitchen, before sent to production.  Every product their studio creates has to be both beautiful and practical.   Working with carefully chosen, sustainably harvested and up-cycled materials that, when used, remind us all of the beauty and resilience of nature.   The Wooden Palate primarily uses North American White Oak and Ohio River Black Walnut, but, will utilize any workable reclaimed wood they deem fit. They kiln dry all woods before construction begins. For finish, they employ all-natural oils like beeswax, palm oil and mineral oil, either by themselves or in combination.

Ryan and Eileen invite everyone to invest in a functional work of art that you can actually use everyday -- a heirloom destined to serve a lifetime of fulfilling its handmade purpose.