We are Dedicated and Driven to produce products that are necessary for life.  We work with carefully chosen, sustainably harvested, and up-cycled materials that, when used, remind us of the beauty and resilience of nature.  We will continue to relentlessly test our products in our home to ensure they last a lifetime. We will give everyone the opportunity to invest in a piece of art they can actually use every day – an heirloom that should be allowed to serve a lifetime of fulfilling it's handmade purpose. 

In late 2011, Master Craftsman RYAN SILVERMAN, Woodworker to the Stars for a decade, met Private Chef and Yogi EILEEN O'DEA – within months they had formed a company together crafting luxury artistic heirloom pieces for the kitchen.  

Today,  THE WOODEN PALATE is the premiere source for chefs worldwide considering their kitchen needs, and has expanded into new varieties of artistic wooden pieces for other parts of the home. Sold by retailers like Barney's and Waterworks as well as select art museums, it's easy to see why Thomas Keller gifts The Wooden Palate pieces during the holidays while also using them in his restaurants

With the growth of The Wooden Palate and the explosive demand for well-made furniture and interior work, Eileen and Ryan have merged all of their businesses under one roof – STUDIO E&R.  With a combined 20+ years of experience pleasing celebrities and other unique clients, Studio E&R now offers a complete range of full-service woodwork. Specialities include bespoke furniture, wood walls and ceilings, and one of a kind solid wood doors; even custom floors made from whole trees, sliced up and crafted into beautiful floorboards or hand-carved staircases.

Studio E&R owns and operates the largest slabbing mill in Southern California and can slice up a whole log over 7 feet wide for custom tables.

When the oldest walnut tree in Southern California finally passed away after nearly 300 years, Ryan got the call to bring her down; to make things from her, so she can live on in perpetuity. When an almost 1000 year old Ancient Growth Coastal Redwood Tree almost 300 feet tall finally laid itself down, Eileen and Ryan got the call to take it from there.